Snow, Stars and Public Transport

by Storm the Palace

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released May 12, 2017

Sophie Dodds: vocals, guitar, field recordings
Reuben Taylor: piano, accordion
Pippa Murdie: mandolin, banjo, cello, vocals
Sam Wilkinson: bass
Gordon Webster: drums
Dan Simons: violin, viola, vocals
Jamie Kenny: double bass

Words and music by Sophie Dodds
Arrangements by Storm the Palace
String arrangement in ‘Little Rituals’ by Reuben Taylor
Recorded at The Palace, London and Chamber Studio, Edinburgh
(with help from Graeme Young and Stephen Foster)

Produced by Reuben Taylor and Sophie Dodds
Mastered by C. Mantle

Logo and photograph by Gonacas
Cover design by Roman Schoeneboom

© Storm the Palace 2017


all rights reserved



Storm the Palace Edinburgh, UK

Radge folk pop from Edinburgh

"Taking their cues from modern classical, left field folk, and stubborn indie songcraft, Storm The Palace vault over genre barriers without looking back."
Clash Music

We also have a bloody excellent remix album:

Background photo and profile pic by Greg Ryan

Banner pic by Sophie Bews
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Track Name: The Moon Above Villiers Street
The moon above Villiers St
The moon above Charing Cross
The moon above everything you’ve
Ever won or lost
The moon above the millions
In the rush hour crush
The moon above it all
The moon above it all

The politics of envy
The politics of greed
Never lift a finger
‘Til you’re the one in need
Never lift a finger
‘Til your thumbs start to bleed

If we were up there
We’d hold out our thumbs
Obscure everywhere and everyone
If we were up there we’d all (be undone)

The moon above Embankment
Above the Strand
Above your houses
Above your land
Above the blessed
And on the damned
Track Name: Nadir
You weren’t supposed to be here, Nadir
It’s where I keep the things that
No one’s meant to see
Only candles light the space in
This the tiniest of never-ending places

You weren’t supposed to hear that my dear
It’s where I make the sounds not meant for human ears
Only candles light the space in
This the tiniest of never-ending places

Maybe it would’ve been better
If I’d snuffed them out and let
Your eyes adjust to the gloom
Maybe it would’ve been better
If I’d snuffed out your eyes too

I cleaned the bedroom mirror ‘til it gleamed
‘Til it gave onto a world where
Nothing’s as it seems
They all wear the same faces
And walk in a familiar pace
But they don’t feel a thing
Track Name: On Snowing
Think of colder climes, with no happy hour, no strip-show
Nothing at all but earth and sky and snow
As you’re heading back, back to warm your toes
Back up to somewhere you sometimes call home

Keep your tendrils tightly coiled
Keep your questions from the wind
Wrapped up in a blanket of good things
One day you’ll find a word or phrase
And you’ll peel it from the page
And wrap it round some notes and watch it glow

It’s time to go home, open your windows
Unlock your doors, let the new year fall in
The colder it grows, the less you must fear for
All the warmth of my core is yours and yours and yours

A kiss blown to an empty office
Train sits alone in a solitary station
Change of destination, things you can’t control
Hope the bleeps and the blips and the notifications
Won’t leave you alone
Track Name: Go Home
This evening is for you
Dusty pink and powder blue
Between office and underground
Find a little place for thoughts to pool

For note by note
The symphony shows
Piece by piece it appears
For one golden hour
You must give all of these years

I know that I should soldier on

Arch by spire, cathedrals grow
Stone by stone they evolve
In ten thousand hours
You might have something to show

I know that I should soldier on
But all I can hear are the songs of
Choirs of angels telling me
To go home

Leaf by leaf winter unfurls me
Mote by mote, the dust traps me in
I see how this ends
But hard work has never been my friend
Track Name: DLR Dreaming
This room is full of cities
Places I’ve never been
So take me to some dusty corner
And tell me to begin

This view is full of windows
Stories we’re never told
This story’s full of holes in the ground
Row upon row upon row upon row

My dreams are full of earthquakes
But nothing’s ever really changed
Come take me by the scruff of the neck
And tell me to behave

And at dusk a fragile lustre
Breaks out from the cracks of concrete structures
At dusk a fragile lustre
Breaks out

This room is full of treasures
Instruments you’ll never play
Books you’ll never read, thrills you’ll never seek
Arguments you’ll never frame

See, the world recondenses
The total remains the same
Come find me on some still summer evening
And tell me to explain
Track Name: La Lido
Today I have been drifting
Maybe I’ve been dreaming
Mostly I’ve been scheming
Ways to get to you

So, I will go walking
Out amongst the buildings
Maybe I’ll go waltzing
Waltz away from you

Or maybe I’ll just sit here
Maybe I will listen out
Maybe I will sit and
Sit and wait for you

So I go to the lido
And I dive to the bottom
And I hold my breath
For as long as I can
I go to the lido
‘Cause there's nothing misleading about lidos
As you already know

Maybe you’ve been faking
Maybe I’ve been winging it
High above the buildings
For the bird’s-eye view

Maybe we’ve been wrestling
Maybe it’s a mess but
Maybe there are times when
All this will make sense

White snow
Red buses
Brown roads
Grey skies

Wet roads
White skyline
Red snow and
Brown eyes

Sometimes I’ll find
There is space and there is time
And the bells begin to chime
A thousand bells reflect the light
Track Name: Does It Have A Name?
My darling, how are you?
Look what I’ve found
It’s a restless wee creature
Grey as the ground

Please can we keep it?
It doesn’t need much
It will sleep here between us
And feed off our blood

She’ll scratch and she’ll bite
She’ll give you fleas
She’ll piss on the carpets
And spread disease

And my love is like
A feral animal
That will not be tethered or tamed
In the middle of the night
She’ll crawl in next to you
And whisper to you
Her name

I ask you to ration
Your love for me
We might need it to get
Across mountains and seas

Warm us when hungry
Feed us when blue
I might gobble it all up
Leave none for you

Cling to you, like you’re her only hope
Cling to you like home
Track Name: House In The Clouds
This is my house in the clouds
My house in the clouds
Space in the storm
And there’s no way down

These are my windows and doors
Here the winds they come
And oh, how they roar
Through my windows and doors

She turns her hips to the river
And she knows
She’ll be soaked, soaked to the bones

And now we’re faced with the rain
The kind that washes away
All that you’ve found
In soft circles of sound

She turns her hips to the river
And she knows
She’ll be soaked, soaked to the bones
She turns her hips to the river
And she wills it to take her on

By the banks stands a girl
Her body’s black and bronze
And she calls the river
And to her it comes
She stands naked and cold
And she wills the river on
And it flows to her

This is my house in the clouds
My house in the clouds
Space in the storm
And there’s no way down

And now we’re soaked to the skin
Now we’re drenched to the bones
But here’s your way in
Shelter under my skin
Track Name: Cadillacs and Carousels
I dreamt of a bookshop
I dreamt of the sea
I dreamt of a bus
That was waiting for me
I dreamt of a theatre
I dreamt of a bar
I dreamt of the hand of Fatima

I dreamt I fell backwards
Into your arms
I awake and I fall
Through a hole in the dark
To a boy in a Cadillac
With a bicycle in the back

All the while I am stalled
On this 48 bus
On the road up ahead
Is a horse-drawn hearse
And a boy at the bus stop
Crossing himself

I sought out the bookshop
I sought out the sea
I followed the signs
That I thought were left for me

I listened to widows
I listened to shells
I listened to all of the stories they tell
Of a girl on a carousel
Wishing herself free
To ride over that grey and honest sea
Track Name: Little Rituals
You could go out
Reclaim this city for
Solitude and spring
I could take
This soft Tuesday evening and…

You could take
Pencil and paper and
Conquer vast empires
I will take my fears and my theories
And throw them in the fire

You will set
These great wheels in motion
And hear their perfect whirr
I will walk
Through my little rituals ‘til
They get me nowhere

You have a mind made of brass
I have a spine made of glass
You have a green and golden heart
I have this dark, made up of stars

You could take
This cool April evening
And squeeze it ‘til it sings
I will take
This unbroken silence and
Shake it ‘til it rings

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